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We want you to enjoy your experience with us. Policy for your viewing is below.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to let us know.

Tel: 403-681-0572  |  Email:

Thanks for submitting. We will get back to you soon.!

 Absence:   Should a participant be absent from class, please send an email to, to let us know so we can 

 adjust lessons or rehearsals.

 Behaviour:   Behavioural expectations are centred on respect, responsibility, and safety.  To keep everyone physically and 

 emotionally safe some rules must be observed.  Should any participant demonstrate that they are incapable of following

 rules, and or are disrupting classes, Dramavita reserves the right to remove that participant from the program, with no refund.

  1. Be positive.  Many people get worried when performing.  They are nervous because they are worried about how other people might judge them.  To fully participate freely in classes or productions we must take away that worry.  Everyone should feel that other participants will be completely supportive and encouraging.       

  2. Be safe.   The room may be filled with various, props, set pieces, tools or lighting & sound equipment.  Running around, play fighting, pushing into others can create unnecessary safety concerns.  Always be aware of what, and who is around you.  Any snacks including water must be consumed while sitting down in order to avoid choking, slips, trips and falls. No gum. It limits the ability to speak properly and is a choking hazard with vocal or physical movements. 

 Cancellation: Full refunds (less a $30.00 administration fee) are offered if registration must be cancelled prior to your class

 starting. We are sorry but no refunds are given if the class has already started.  PLEASE Be Aware: Registration in a class is 

 ensured ONLY when payment is received in FULL.  Dramavita Studio Theatre reserves the right to cancel classes due to

 insufficient enrolment. In the event of cancellation by Dramavita, full refunds will be provided.

 Health, Hygiene and Covid: Students work in close proximity to each other using props, costumes, and tools.  We ask that 

 each participant is clean and healthy when they attend not to enter the studio if they are unwell.  Thank you so much for your consideration of us in this building.

 DO   NOT send your child if they are vomiting, have diarrhea or have a fever. If your child becomes ill or has been in contact with

 something contagious, (e.g. chicken pox, measles, lice, flu, Covid) please inform us so we can contact other families immediately,

 and they can take appropriate measures. If, on the rare occasion your child should contract head lice, please make sure they are

 seen by a doctor and start a treatment regime before returning to any of our programs.  We ask that all older participants make

 sure to wear deodorant to class as some activities may intensify smells and items can easily absorb odours.  No items will be

 shared.  Items will be sanitized between uses. We are grateful for your understanding in helping to keep our participants safe

 and healthy.

 Safety and Security:  Your child’s well-being and safety is our primary concern.  Building doors will be locked once each 

 class has started.  Participants will not be allowed out of the building unless being picked up by a parent or guardian. 

 Vulnerable Sector check and police check will be provided when requested.  Instructor on site has standard First Aid and CPR.

 Privacy:  This Privacy Policy is applicable to Dramavita Studio Theatre on the gathering and use of information.  We take the

 security of your personal information very seriously. We have in place physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to

 safeguard and maintain data security, and correctly use the information we collect.  We ask for certain information such as

 real names, birthdates, addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, healthcare number, doctors' name and phone number, solely for 

 the protection of the participant, in the event of an on-site emergency.  All your information remains private.  We will never sell or 

 rent any information we receive from you.

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