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Wednesdays Foundations for Teens    10 CLA               $200 + $10 GST =$ 210

January 31-April 3 

5:45pm- 7:45pm (20 hours)  Grade 9-12

DATES have changed to accomodate diploma exams and group interest which will take a couple of classes longer. 

This group is playing with a story  of a group of 'directors' arguing over which musical is the best.  They will sing their way through various musicals each to prove their choice is best.  Which will win?  No idea!  That will be determined by those involved.  Are you up for it?  No experience necessary.    Being able to sing is beneficial but not the focus of this project.  It is about having fun and working together.  Will this be performed?  It is up to the group!


3- WEDNESDAY for TEENS Grade: 9-12 Dates: Jan 31 - Apr 3 Time: 5:45-7:45pm

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