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Friday ALICE IN WONDERLAND Gr 7-11  (10 CLA)      27 hrs + 

$300 + GST = $315 (includes all costumes and travel for touring)

Public Performance plus touring to Elementary Schools


  Public Performances  November 18 7:00 pm

                                               November 19 -Matinee

Tourin g November 24, December 1 & Decemeber 8 in the afternoon

We get to know each other then on with the show! YES you will be picking your character(s) and we get to decide what we want to do with the script!   And there is No Rule that says you must act!  It takes many elements to do a play!   Come on and give it a try.  No experience necessary to hav e a great time!


6 FRIDAY PRODUCTION Gr 7-11 SEPT 8-DEC 8 4:45-7:30pm

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