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We provide a place that 

kindles the passion

of enthusiasm!

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Be not afraid of



you are!

Winter 2023 Programs

Book before December 10 for special pricing

 MONDAY Readers Theatre (10 classes)             $110.25 + $5.51 GST 

 January 9 - March 20 (12.15 hrs.) (No February 20)               

 4:30pm-5:45pm   (Grades 1-3)    

 With games and laughter, we get to know each other.  Sharing stories we   learn to connect to each other through active listening.   We explore   meaning and discover so much joy through our stories!  

TUESDAY Diabolical Drama  (10 classes)           $180 + $9 GST 

 January 10 - March 21 (20 hrs.) (No February 21)

5:30pm-7:30pm   (Grades 4-7)  

Some might think there is nothing to drama.  We learn many things about how human beings think and react.  We are going to create our very own mystery.  It's energeticly wicked as the mad scientist plots to take over a bakery so he can make everyone eat cookies instead of bread. Fun, unexpected, focused on suprise.  We will learn how to write a clear story with wonderfully dynamic characters.  Who wouldn't want to play!

WEDNESDAY Act 4 FUN  (10 classes)                 $180 + $9 GST 

 January 11 - March 22  (20 hrs.) (No February 22)

 4:30pm-6:30pm  (Grades 5-9)  

 You're not sure about this acting thing.  We will take it slow and easy with   no pressure.  We do activities that give you a starting point for this acting thing.  The idea is to enjoy your time here. We introduce you to   the coolest moments in acting.  All of the fun, none of the stress.

 WEDNESDAY Technical Theatre (8 classes)     $1 + $   GST 

 January 12 - March 10 (16 hrs.) (No February 23)

 6:35pm- 8:05pm (Gr. 7-9)


  None of the acting! It takes many elements to create the spectacle you see   on stage. How to craft the lights, sound, and paint or build. Come

 help to create the magic that happens on stage.


  FRIDAYS Full Production DRACULA (15 classes)

  January 6 - May 12 ( 37.5 hrs) (no Feb 24, April 7,14)

  4:30pm-7:00pm   (Gr. 7-11)

  + Performance  May 12  7:00 pm 


  We get to know each other, then we jump into our production of 

 Dracula.  Dracula is misunderstood.  Can we ever understand why

 Dracula does things?   There is no rule that says you must act! Set and

 prop building, painting, sound, costumes, and lighting, are all part of a

 production.  There are no rules about genders and which role you want. 

 Did you know that in the time of Shakespeare all rolls were played by

 males becasue women were no allowed to act in theatre? 


  IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU  (8 classes)                    $ + $ GST 

  January 14- March 11 (12 hrs)

  9:00am-10:30pm  (Gr. 5-9)  

  What would you like to learn?  Lighting, sound, acting, set design,       

  painting or building props?  It's in your hands.  You can do whatever you

  are curious about in theatre.

 DRAMA WORKS (8 classes)                            $ + $  GST 

 January 8 - March 5  (16 hrs.)  (No February 19)                  

 1:00pm-3:00pm   (Grades 4-7)  

 Would you like to have a great time?  Let’s create fun scenes with   characters using props, costumes and set pieces.  Maybe you are s detective

 who likes to wear funky hats.  Maybe you are a singer who only sings

 nursery rhymes.  Perhaps you are a chef who talks to his imaginary parrot. 

 We are all on a ship surrounded by fog.  How will we get off the ship?  If

 we do get off where are we?  Who will help us?


Professional Days

      We are open with exciting drama activities!


      Stories with Lights & Music Friday,  January 27 

       8:00am-6:00pm (Gr. 1-7)                                 $  50 +  GST =


      Drama for Everyone Friday,         March 17

       8am-6pm (Gr. 1-7)                                             $  50 +  GST =

   Family Day/Teachers Convention Week /Foothills         

     February 20-24, 2023 (Mon-Fri )     

     8:00am-6:00pm  (Gr. 1-7)    (Please bring a lunch) 

                                                                                         $   + GST=


      Let’s have some fun?  Every day will be a different  adventure. Puppets          with shadow stories, or we explore the power of words. Let’s try doing          exciting scenes with lights and sound. 

   Spring Break Week         

       April 10-14, 2023 (Mon-Fri)                           $  + GST=

       8:00am-6:00pm  ( Gr. 1-7 )  (Please bring a lunch)      

       +Performance April 14 6:30pm (also bring dinner)


      A play, a play! The Chocolate Factory with Charlie   

      Bucket, Veruca Salt, Wonka and all your favourites, including the                    Oompa Loompas.  

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