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We provide a place that 

kindles the passion

of enthusiasm!

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Be not afraid of showing

who you are!

Frequently  Asked    Questions

 Who are your Students?

If you are ages five to seventeen and want to explore your passion for learning about yourself and others in a creative and fun environment, come join us!

What do I wear to classes or rehearsals?

Wear clothing that is comfortable for you to move around in,

or clothing that you do not mind getting stained, worn or damaged. 

          -Leave tight jeans, short skirts or shirts, dresses at home. 

          -NO skin showing please.

          -Wear non-marking indoor shoes please.

You will be unable to participate with inappropriate clothing. 

What can I bring to classes or rehearsals?

         - Bring a water bottle, lunch, and or a snack.

         - NO NUTS  PLEASE

         - A positive attitude ready to have fun.


What should I leave at home?

          -Video games or devices of any kind. 

          -Phones are turned OFF in classes.

Who are your Instructors?

All classes are instructed by experienced, professional artists

who are passionate about theatre and keen about having fun throughout the learning process.  Guest instructors and student interns are carefully selected to inspire creativity and empower confidence.

What do you teach?

Our instructors will teach your children various dramatic skills such as improvisation, storytelling, character work, movement, voice and more, through games and exercises.

All activities are based on the following in various combinations depending on the dynamics of each group:

MOVEMENT: Tableau, creative movement, mime,

stage fighting, clowning, and mask.

SPEECH: Vocal control, storytelling, oral interpretation,

choral speech, and radio plays.

ACTING: Creative drama, planned/spontaneous improvisation, group drama, puppetry, readers’ theatre, story theatre, group performance, and scripted work.

STAGECRAFT:  Technical theatre with building, painting or designing for lights, sound, costume, props and set.

What are behaviour expectations?

To keep everyone physically and emotionally safe, some rules must be observed.  Expectations are centred on respect, responsibility, and safety.  Should any participant show that they are incapable of following the rules, and or are disrupting classes, Dramavita Studio Theatre reserves the right to remove that person from the program, with no refund.

  1. Be positive.  Many people get worried when performing. They are nervous because they are worried about how other people might judge them.  To fully participate freely in classes or productions, we must take away that worry.  Everyone should feel that other participants will be completely supportive and encouraging.

  2. Be safe.  The room may be filled with various, props, set pieces, lighting equipment and sound equipment. Running around, play fighting, pushing into others can create unnecessary safety risks. Please always be aware of your actions and your surroundings.

             -Snacks must be consumed while sitting down in order to avoid choking, slips, trips and falls.

             -No gum.  It limits the ability to speak properly, and is a choking hazard when working on vocal or physical movements.


Where do I Park?

​There is a parking lot at the front of the building.

Is Dramavita Studio Theatre Wheelchair accessible?

We are accessible if you are willing to arrive five minutes before class has started so you can pull up to the back garage door.

What if I’m late dropping off or picking up my child?

There is a grace period of 15 minutes late for all participants except those in productions. If you are dealing with an unavoidable emergency please contact 403-681-0572 to make arrangements.

Do we have to pay for productions our children are in?

At this time there is no formal charge. There will be a donations box available.  Any donations go to help pay for extra production costs such as set, lighting, and sound rentals.

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